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We are dedicated to providing the best service, and we know we succeed when customers tell us we have:

DJM Industrial Products

DJM uses our new 150K PVDF tubular membranes for Oily Wastewater, Metal Hydroxide and Alkaline Cleaner applications. They are saving their clients time and money through lower product cost and increased membrane performance.

Heritage Container

Heritage uses our 70K PVDF tubular membranes to dramatically reduce the waste from their flexographic ink washing process. The ink is concentrated out of the stream, thereby making the stream suitable for discharge.

Monico Alloys

Monico Alloys uses our PVDF tubular membranes to recycle parts wash-water. They have significantly reduced their overall discharge and have been able to reuse the permeate in the first stage washers.

Rinuru Foods

Rinuru uses our PES membranes to clarify and concentrate food grade oil, thereby reducing lost product and increasing profits.

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